About Me

I was born in Albania in 1978. Since I am a daughter of a diplomat my father who worked in the Ministry of Foreign affairs, I have passed my entire educational life in various foreign countries till university. I had to study in many different educational systems in schools and constantly adapt new systems, countries and schools. Different cultures, education system and human structures did influence me to make choice of this profession which also shaped my life and work. I started Psychological Counseling as a graduate in 2003, combining the academic experience of my life experience with students who had difficulties in school life and friendship relations.

In addition I have worked for 11 years in private schools, I have been working as a responsible director in a nursing home, a parental consultancy in psychological support in special education and rehabilitation centers, and trying to add different visions to my profession in the human resources department.

I am voluntarily working with children who have been convicted in the Child Education Home (child improvement homes) initiated within the Ministry of Justice.
There are two things that I have known and believed throughout my entire career.

The first of these is “Every child has a knot and only if we find it, we will understand him and help him to help himself”. All children are unique and have much more peculiar features than we see, no matter how old they are. It is to discover these aspects of the child we need to focus on and to accept it with respect and affection.

Second, ” Parenting is an art that does not require talent, it is the art of learning. ” We are concerned about not being able to support our child in many ways in the hustle and bustle of life. Sometimes these concerns put us out of the way and we need help to ensure that the art we apply is productive and that we see different ways.