1- Psychological consulting is possible only with the counselee volunteerism. According to this; the consultant is free to enter the consultation relationship. In cases where this freedom can not be recognized, the psychological consultant is obliged to explain the reasons for this.

2- Psychological consultant in individual and group counseling according to “Ethical Rules of Turkish Psychological Consulting and Guidance Association 17” should initially define the roles and responsibilities of the consultant /counselees and the limits of confidentiality.

3- Within the consultation process, the psychological consultant is responsible for the counselees his / her well-being and the peace of mind by respecting the personal integrity of the counselee. The consultant is also obliged to take appropriate measures to protect the counselee from bodily and / or psychological injuries resulting from group interaction.

5. If the counselee is related to another professional person at the same time, the psychological consultant does not enter into consultation with this individual without contacting his / her person and obtaining his / her approval. If the consultant finds that the counselee is in another counseling relationship after counseling has begun, the counselee gets counsel from the other consultant, but if the counselee does not want to interfere with the other consultant, the consultant terminates the relationship with that counselee. Because this is an ethical problem.

6- If the situation of the counselee is a threat to himself or others openly and imminently, the psychological consultant will take appropriate measures to prevent this danger, or inform the “Ethics Rules Turkish Psychological Counseling and Guidance Association 18” about this danger. In this case, the psychological consultant makes the most appropriate decision by consulting with other experts.

7. All records (interview notes, test data, correspondence, tape recordings, electronic data, and other documents) related to the psychological counseling relationship are not the property of the psychological consultant. They are used for professional purposes and are not disclosed to others without the consent of the counselee.

8- When the data obtained from the psychological counseling relationship is used for other psychological counseling training or research purposes, the identity of the relevant counselee is kept confidential.

9- The psychological consultant informs the counselee about the aims, objectives, techniques, rules and limitations of the consultation process before and during the counseling process.

10- The psychological consultant may terminate the psychological counseling if he / she is threatened by counselee or threatened by persons who are related to the counselee.

11- The psychological consultant with his / her best protects the interests of counselee who have not proven to be rational or unable to make their own decisions.

12- The psychological consultant may, if necessary, consult with another colleague who is professionally certified in issues related to the counselee.

13- Psychological consultant’s personal or professional inadequacy “Ethics Rules Turkish Psychological Counseling and Guidance Association 19” When the counselee finds out that he or she can not help, he refrains from starting the relationship or breaks the relationship. In such cases, the consultant will direct the counselee to a suitable specialist. If the counselee does not want to go to the proposed specialist, the psychological consultant does not have to maintain the relationship.

14- The psychological consultant does not engage in consultation with a person who is in the relationship of management, supervision or evaluation that would prevent him or her from being objective, in which case it is sent to another psychological consultant. However, if no other option is available and the counselees situation requires counseling, the psychological consultant may consider this association. The same applies to psychological consulting relationships with relatives or friends.

15- The psychological consultant provides psychological counseling to the counselee who need psychological counseling or training programs (eg. marathon groups, interaction groups or development groups) with a short-term group, both in the group process and after group experience.

16- The psychological consultant avoids any emotional-sexual intimacy with the counselee, the counselees relative, the vassal or any other significant person / counselee with whom the counselee is closely related. Emotional-sexual intimacy with the client is against the professional ethics.

17- When computer is used with the help of Psychological consultant, the counselee;

a) must mentally, emotionally and physically able to carry out the work according to “Ethics Rules Turkish Psychological Counseling and Guidance Association 20”.

b) must be informed about the purpose of the program,

c) the computer program must meet the needs of the client and

d) When a computer is used by counselee, he / she must be monitored to resolve problems such as misunderstanding or improper use and to determine later requirements.

18- The psychologist has to ensure that people from different ethnic backgrounds, races, religions and socioeconomic levels enjoy equal use of the computer applications used to support psychological consulting services and ensure that the scope of existing computer programs does not discriminate against any of the above mentioned groups.

19- If a computer program is developed to be used by the counselee in the form of a self-help program, the psychologist should be sure of the following points;

a) These programs should be suitable to be used by the counselee by their own (without the need for a psychologist),

b) When it is not appropriate to use these programs, when and how they will be useful, how they will be used should be explained,

c) Handbook of such programs; the person who developed the program, the development process, the data about the validity of the program, and the explanatory information on how it works,

20- If information is stored on the computer, only the information required for the service provided is stored. The information stored is destroyed as soon as the work is done. Ethical Rules on the computer using the best security measures Turkish Psychological Counseling and Guidance Association 21 information is provided to be used only by responsible and responsible personnel to provide psychological consulting services.

21- Psychological consultants who provide services, results, or information via electronic means such as the internet will inform their counselee about the limits of risk and confidentiality.