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“As a living being who listens and thinks, every human being faces many problems in his daily life. There are many joys, sorrows, thoughts, anxieties and excitements in the family, the profession, the interpersonal relationships in the inner society, or in the inner world. It is necessary to make some choices, to make decisions, to develop new adaptations. Most of the problems can be resolved with the possibilities within the conditions itself. But in some conditions the child can feel himself stuck, he may feel himself trapped in a corner. The child either might not have knowledge about the types of problems or the necessary experience and moral power about their directions, or they do not know themselves well. In this endeavor, one of the outsider will need the help of someone who “knows”.

Kids and Adults

The adolescence period is generally the most painful period during the whole developmental period. This is the period between the childhood and the adult. While trying to accept and learn the difficulties of growing up on the one hand, we try to complete the process that childhood requires less responsibility and awareness. According to statistics that are totally self-directed, this depression, which is between 11 and 17 years of age, also sets the stage for confusion and mental imbalance, the academic success of the adolescent and the problem of harmony with his friends. It can be seen that communicating has become almost impossible with family, not just with friends, but sometimes with more. Especially the family culture structure in which the adolescent is present plays a very important role. He needs a rugby model to try to make a way for himself. The areas in which parents were mostly desperate during this period are as follows: (more…)


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Test Practices

CAS (Cognitive Assessment System) applications and areas of use;

(CAS) test is an individually administered test of cognitive functioning for children and adolescents ranging from 5 through 17 years of age that was designed to assess the planning, attention, simultaneous and successive cognitive processes as described in the [PASS theory of intelligence].

CAS (Cognitive Assessment System)is also used for the purpose of assessing the following situations; (more…)


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